Maple casino


Quick: What’s more Canadian than an image of a moose and a big honkin’ maple leaf? These days, if the question is asked of erstwhile gamers, it could as easily be as the animal or that symbolic national leaf. The reason is as simple as maple syrup: has become home to the ultimate casino experience at the furthest reaches of North America. What’s the difference between a Canadian casino and one that originates in another country? Homeland pride and an international presence; this site is so cosmopolitan that you can wager Canadian dollars, British pounds, Austrian Dollars, Euros and American Dollars while enjoying all of the safeguards, security and guarantees this stand-up nation’s regulations and laws provide. The Canadian designing and engineering team didn’t scrimp the site’s offers of variety or imagination: Discover more than 300 online slots options, video poker, roulette, blackjack and baccarat. But you want more. How about what’s touted as “the sweetest casino bonuses” found south of the North Pole? If Santa prefers Maple, who are you to judge his choices? Whether you own a red suit or not, begin your gaming experience with a 60-minute trial that’s on the house.

Browse free, easy-to-read Beginner’s Guides to blackjack, poker, craps, roulette and baccarat — the folks at Maple Casino want to make sure you receive a decent gaming education so you can hold your own when you visit the site to play. Of course, once your mukluks are broken in, you’ll be ready to brave the farthest reaches of the website’s loyalty ladder. Dare I add that you need not feel alone when spending time on this site? The casino promotes plenty of opportunities to interact with soul mates thanks to interfaces with social media sites like Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Think of Maple as your social secretary if you’d like to connect with likeminded players. If you’re eager to get started, head for the site and download free software with easy installation instructions posted on the site. Don’t be surprised if it takes just a Montreal minute to reveal over 650 free games that could become your gaming base for years to come. You know Canadians don’t exaggerate, so take my review to heart: Like other top tier gaming websites, has your best interests in mind. That’s why they only use Microgaming software to protect your online transactions. Get started with as little as 20 bucks. Now, that’s northern hospitality at its best!