What do you get when you ask the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group (MMGG) — known as the genius behind in Canada — to morph itself into a US poker site, online casino and sports gaming center that’s as likely to hit the ground running as it is to establish a unique identity? This website has blasted onto the scene with a readymade, loyal base of online gamers, thanks to easily downloadable Vegas-style software and a game plan that gets players up and running fast. Highly competitive bonuses attract all levels of poker players and while may have deep roots in Canada, nationality disappears when online players find the variety they seek on the US upstart that includes 20 MTT tables and a remarkable assortment of gambling options. Weekly cross-promotional excitement may be a lure that grabs folks when they happen upon, but tournaments favored by frequent visitors keep them there.

Offering Omaha, heads-up, knockout and shoot-out for starters, poker players stick around for extended play time once they’re familiar with site rules. Cash games found on include 7-Card Stud (two versions), Omaha and perennial favorite, Texas Hold’em. If you’re looking for a unique experience that offers surprises, variety and plenty of excitement, join players from both Canada and the U.S. who have already discovered why pops up at or near the number one position on poker club rating service lists – even those tracking international casino action. Sure, this site is new to the game, but like the Stock Market, if you get in on the action early, your chances of winning big could be optimized from the get-go.Besides, any website attracting international players known for having plenty of poker savvy and experience makes a pretty dramatic statement about potential for growth. may be the new kid on the block, but it’s a brand that could set the standard for the neighborhood.